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Rat Terriers were originally bred to keep the farmers' barn and grounds vermin free, particularly free of rats. Rat terriers have excellent predatory instincts, and some
CMF Rat Terriers go to rural areas and spend their lives doing what they love most ...dispatching rats. But many others display their talents in Agility competitions, impressing spectators and winning titles. Agility competition requires focus, determination, athletism, drive, competitiveness, and courage. CMF Rat Terriers have everything it takes to excel at this sport. This page is dedicated to our Rat Terriers doing their thing!

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UKC Ch, U-AGI Call Me Greased Lightning, AXJ, OA, NF, NAC, TBAD, CGC 
Bred by Cynthia Humphrey/Call Me Farms - Owned/Trained by Kathy Brown


Call Me Becker's T-Rad Banzai 
Bred by Cynthia Humphrey/Call Me Farms - Owned/Shown by Brenda & Bill Becker