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CH Call Me Trouble Rides A Fast Horse
CH Call Me Trouble Rides A Fast Horse aka Pia. This nice spayed blue and tan finished Champion is looking for her own couch. Pia is totally trained and has been there done that. She has never had a litter as she developed pyometra on her third heat, so then i chose to have her spayed. Pia is house trained,loyal and loving. This is a nice girl. I am asking 1,000 but it is negotiable to a forever quality home.

Welcome to the Call Me Farms Campanions page where you will meet some of the Australian Cattle Dog pets that we've placed over the years. As you will see, even our pets are lovely dogs who bring joy to their families. Most of our pet owners return for another dog. Please read the testimonials below to witness for yourself - whether conformation, performance or pet, our dogs excel.

Here's a few pictures of our boy "Call Me Justa Cowboy of Canberra", but we call him Thunder (from down under....corny, I know). He has been such a fun and busy addition to our home. He's from Jake and Berry's last litter, and I'm so thankful we got him when we did. I wish now that we had taken his sister Navaho Rug, that night that we picked him up. They look so much alike. What a pair they would have been !!

The first picture is from the 1st week we got him, sleeping under the coffee table. The second one is about 2 months later....notice all the landscaping lights in the background are broken? Yep....he killed them all !!! The last picture is from a couple weeks ago. I throw a tennis ball down the hallway with him every day when I get home from work. That's him waiting in the middle of the hall, in anticipation.

Since we both work and live on a canal, where everyone has seawalls, and we have 2 indoor cats. We had to put a doggy door off the laundry room, that opens to a 10 ft kennel for him during the day. We've been afraid to give him unsupervised access to the backyard for fear he would jump in the canal. The first 3 times we took him out on the boat in the river, he jumped out of the boat, into the river without warning. Fortunately, we were idling at the time and were able to cut the engine and fish him right out. Thank goodness he's gotten over that, but he does love the water. I bought him a kiddie pool for the back yard and he plays in it all the time.

He's such a smart dog! We had already started socializing him with other friends and their dogs from day one. He already knew how to sit, lay down and stay. In fact, once or twice I had told him to stay, and got busy doing something, and came back 5 minutes later and he was still sitting there waiting for me. Thunder and I go for a bike ride every morning at 6am before I go to work, and again at night before he goes to bed in his crate (he loves his crate by the way....thanks for that advice).

At only 6 months old, he's so smart and loving. Since I spend the most time with him, he is extremely dedicated to me. We've worked through the separation anxiety when I leave for work, but he still sits outside the bathroom door when I take a shower, waiting for me. He follows me everywhere I go. What a great companion. We've found a lady in Port Malabar that trains herding dogs, and we hope to enroll him with her soon. I can't wait to see him do what he was born to do !!


thought I would send you a couple of pictures I took last month of Kiah. Hope they come through. Love her, she's 100% a princess. She still makes the "umph" sound and the funny look when I pick her up and she doesn't want to be picked up. She's 16 inches tall now (not sure on her weight) and solid muscle. She loves to herd the kids into the swimming pool, float on her raft, play Frisbee, chase the birds and squirrels.


Everything is great and Lucy is doing very well. She seems to be very happy, (like she wasn't before). She has stolen my husbands heart too! Our vet thinks she's a lap dog disguised as a Cattle Dog...too funny. She's just loves being Lucy.

Lucy's loves laying on her new bed while I'm cooking or doing the dishes, and on Easter Sunday, she got her own basket full of toys. Her favorite spot to chew her toys is a little folding chair on the patio.

Thank you Cynthia! We are blessed to have her in our home.

He is doing great and graduated from Puppy II on Friday.

He starts Basic I Nov 7th. This is Call Me A Quest In The City aka Quest. He is out of Tudy and Bolo.

He gets along great with all my dogs & is very good.

See ya, Tami

Rocky is quite a character. He loves entertaining us and sneaks things that he knows that he should not have and then drops the items in front of us when he wants attention. He has a lot of energy and loves to play ball and is a pretty good Frisbee player. I think that he’d be great at agility, so I’m hoping to get him started in that direction even though obedience is what I’m working on right now.

Thanks again for keeping in touch. I’ll keep you posted on his success!

Debbie Shapiro

Well, she is something! She loves old people and is very eager to be with them. We spent our first PM at The Pines, nursing type home, and it was very good. She is going to be a super therapy girl. We will do the Humane Society "Good Samaritan" certificate starting Nov. 10th. I have completed Hospice training, which was rewarding. I think we will end up there, but they don't want her until she is at least 8-10 months old. The "Pet Therapy,Inc" requirement is one year.

I did call Top Dog and they were to send out info, but so far nothing. I did not talk to the owner, and have misplaced her name. If I don't hear from them in a few more days, I'll call again. Rosie is now 31 lbs., ears up, and a constant joy!


Sisters Forever
As many people can attest to, an adopted sibling can be as dear as a blood one. Call Me Waltzing Matilda Blue (aka Tilda), an Australian Cattle Dog and Call Me Carol's Lil' Mishka (aka Mouse), a toy Rat Terrier, were adopted from Cynthia Humphrey's kennel and home. They are members of Tom and Carol Clark's family, who seem to find extra joy and comfort when in each others company (especially if Dad and Mom have left them at home by themselves for a couple of hours.)

Dingo continues to grow and is a bundle of joy to us. His dog obedience is improving and he is getting better at not chasing cars on a leash as we are walking! He has been introduced to the beach and loves it! He also is showing an interest in the Frisbee but still doesn't care too much for dressing up! Hope you are well!
Enjoy the pixs!

Hey how are you doing? We're great, Crocket is so much fun, he does know how to push your button though. We see such a change in him every day. His favorite toy right now is boxes. I think it's because he can shred them all over the floor. I have gotten to the point if it keeps him busy it's not so bad to clean up. The K9 kindergarden is going good, but he is scared to death of other dogs now. I have no clue where this came from, but we're trying to work through it. Teaching him stuff is unbelievably easy. He picks it up in 20 - 30 minutes. He loves to show off his tricks, and is a good preformer. Thank you for such a cool pup.
Becki Elliott

Here's a couple of pics of Cosmo. He's about 9.5 years old now but strong and healthy as an ox. Look how much he looks like Walkabout. I saw where you did great at the show in Tampa in August. I'm going to stop by sometime when passing thru Parrish. If you have any digital pics of Walkabout or Brumby I would like to have them.

See Ya,

Jeff Myers

We're all doing fine. Sue has graduated to the "rest of the house". Now if I can just get the boys to wipe off her dirty feet when she comes in, it would be great. She is thrilled to be allowed in with Steve in the evening. She goes to work with him every morning and goes snake when he picks up his briefcase. I think I will like her a lot more when she is 5 or 6. ;-)

So many people have commented on what a great dog she is at the store. Have given a few your number - hope they reached you. Here are her latest pics. Hope you are surviving the summer heat. Keeping fingers crossed this lull in the storms will continue!


Just wanted to let you know that Call Me Blue Boy got the first 2 legs of his rally title this weekend at his first show. Blue and I took Rally classes through our local humane society over 2 years ago as a way to prepare him for the arrival of our daughter, and while we use the techniques often, we weren't drilling for a rally show. My husband saw that the Hoosier Kennel Club was hosting a show close to our home and encouraged me to enter Blue. He was 2nd on his first day in the Rally Novice A. He got so many compliments at the show on his looks and personality! Blue has been a SUPER addition to our family. He goes to work with my husband every day, he goes with us to visit my mom's nursing home, is the only dog invited to all family and holiday dinners, and we rarely plan an overnight outing that doesn't include Blue Boy! Thank you for sharing such a quality dog with us! We look forward to adding to our ACD family from your farm in the future.
Best regards,

Just a quick hello...
Papi is great...everyone loves him...everywhere I go people stop me...I forgot about that part.

He is starting training with the boys on 11-11...The trainer I found seems like she'll do great with the boys and Papi...

He loves the beach and I also live near a wooded area (Lynn Woods) and he loves to hike...ran into some people on horseback and he wasn't phased by them a bit...

Here are some pictures of him playing in the yard and at the beach...He loves to play fetch with his tennis ball...There is another one of him on the couch...I caught him up there chewing on a cow hoof...I Know...I need a digital camera...

Enough rambling for now...We will keep in touch...

Michelle Ennis

Hi there again Cynthia,
Just wanted to send another picture of my girl.. she is AWESOME!

Christina Bowen
(Dingo is a Cheddar/Kara daughter)

Special Letter
We bought that pup with the black patch on his body out of Jake and Gem. You called him Pinto. We named him Call Me Desperado Blue Ace. We call him Bandit. My son Troi and I ran into you at a dog show in Palmetto and told you he was coming along nicely. I wanted to write and give you an update. I probably should have written sooner but you know how that goes.

Bandit was about 12 weeks old when he left your place. Right now at a little over 2 years of age he grew into a fine dog. He weighs in just shy of 50 pounds and is well muscled with a beautiful coat. He gets looks everywhere we take him. And we take him everywhere. He loves people and is friendly with most everyone. He has a different type of relationship with everyone in the house. I am his master(alpha), Troi is his playmate, and my wife is his cuddle buddy.

I have had dogs my entire life but I have to tell you Bandit is the BEST dog I have ever owned. He is super smart and obedient(although a bit stubborn). He has a fiesty/firey personality and is always in search of a new game. I have never seen a dog that is so completely fearless of everything and self confident. Any time Bandit is in a new situation he looks at it as a new adventure. The great thing about a dog like Bandit is you can take him almost everywhere. He is so outgoing and friendly with people. I started taking him with us everywhere I could from the day we got him. His two favorite places to go are fishing on the boat with Troi and I, and the dog park. When we fish he likes to bark at the seagulls and he growls at the fish when we bring them up. The county built a dog park near us and we take Bandit severel times a week. He LOVES to chase the other dogs. He herds them. His favorite dogs to chase are greyhounds and other fast dogs. He amazes everyone with how fast he is. Only the greyhounds can outrun him. But even then Bandit will figure out how to cut corners and catch them. He has two good dog buddies over there. Angel a pit bull/boxer mix and Adolf a German Shorthair Pointer. Those three will wrestle and play for hours.

As friendly and outgoing as Bandit is there is something more about him. Something that sets him apart from just a good dog. Its hard to explain because its not always visible. Its his devotion and protectiveness of the family. He watches over us. Its his self appointed job. I watch him make the rounds of the house nightly. He walks by the doors and sniffs then goes in and checks on my wife and son sleeping. He doesn't bother or wake them, he just looks at them. He does this all night. We crate him when we leave the house but leave him free run of the house at night. More than once I have woken to find Bandit staring me in the face. When I wake up during the night, I usually find him in bed with my son, at the foot of our bed, or laying in the hallway. One evening there was a hit and run accident nearby. The driver ran on foot through the woods and ended up on our back porch. He was trying to get in our sliding glass door. Bandit was the first to realize the guy was there. I thought Bandit was going to bust through the glass door after the guy. He was barking so loud and fierce that the 911 operator could hardly hear my wife. The guy took off quick and got caught down the street but Bandit kept him out of our house. He had to know someone was home because the lights and tv were on. So I figure he knew he was going to confront someone inside. But the guy didn't count on Bandit being there. That proved what I knew Bandit was up to. He is watching over us. There have been other more subtle signs too. Like with certain strangers Bandit will insist on positioning himself between one of us and the stranger. My work keeps me out late sometimes and occaisionally I am gone over night. I can't tell you how comforting a feeling it is knowing Bandit is on the job. I know my wife and son are always safe with him around.

I have rambled a bit trying to fill you in on two years in one letter. But I just can't say enough about Bandit. As I said before he is the BEST dog I have ever had. And I have had some good ones. Cynthia, you and Bandit have hooked me on ACD's for life. When I was looking into getting an ACD almost everyone I spoke with said ACDs have to have a job to be happy. Bandit doesn't compete, show or work. His job is simply being Bandit. Fishing buddy, Troi's playmate, and protector of the family. Its a full time job!!!!!


John D Cone