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Welcome to the Call Me Farms Campanions page where you will meet some of the Border Collie pets that we've placed over the years. As you will see, even our pets are lovely dogs who bring joy to their families. Most of our pet owners return for another dog. Please read the testimonials below to see for yourself - whether conformation, performance or pet, our dogs excel.

Augie is a Keepers and Strike son that is a
Fidos for Freedom trainee. He is doing very well.
Augie and Cooper
'Ability, Beauty, and Brawn" should be augmented by BRAINS, because both of those dogs have that as well.

Cooper, the smaller of the two, is a hearing dog and works (or will work - he's in his first 30 days, during which he doesn't go to work with Rhonda) at Bethesda Naval Hospital. He's in love with her and really has fun at everything he does. He gets along with all other dogs and his public manners are wonderful. He loves little kids and knows when out in public he better look away or he'll be tempted to make googly eyes at all the little kids who are attracted to him. He loves to work and will pick up things other people drop and give it to me - somethimes scaring them or tearing their money right out of their hands if they tried to pick it up themselves before him.

Augie is a mobility assistance dog for a man in a wheelchair with dexterity issues. I only got to work with him for a few months as his trainer, but he learned any task I put to him in only MINUTES. He is more methodical and practical than Cooper and capable of multi-tasking, whereas Cooper is more of a party animal and needs to go right on to the next task. John saw Augie as a puppy and said "I want that dog." It rarely happens, but he got that dog and couldn't be happier. For fun and recreation, Augie plays Flyball and
I understand he's quite good at it. Hope all is well.


Augie and Cooper
I cannot express how both grateful and thankful I am that you have allowed me to make Xena a part of my life. She is such a loving and wonderful companion. Then as a bonus she is the Grandmother of my other two border collies, Jake and Miss Jezebel. What a family. She has fit in perfectly, I guess there is another bonus also, she has the personality of my late Katie, who was my best friend, it is like having her back again. Xena learned very quickly when snack time and feeding time was. She particularly loves going out with the other two outlaws and chasing the poor squirrels with them. Once more I have not been disappointed with your line of Border Collies. She has found her forever home, where all she has to do is eat, sleep, and run around as she pleases. Now if she can only teach her grandchildren some manners.

Thank you once again.

Your long time friend, Sharon

Jetta and Wendy
Attached are two photos of Jetta and Wendy at the recent Human Remains training she attended. Jetta is doing fantastic with her search work and even the lead instructor of the class <30+ years in cadaver work> said Jetta is a GREAT dog and will do wonderful things with her work. She is also the princess of the house and is certainly Wendy's other baby!

The photo with her by a cone is part of her "alert"... there are human remains under the cone. It's almost cute as she kind of slaps the area with her paw(s) whenever she gets a whiff of the "smelly stuff" LOL

Saber and Jetta are both A wilderness dogs and Jetta last month was certified in Cadaver. They are such good buddies to each other. Jetta has truly shined and is very happy, both go out on the boat with me weekly and get to run and play on the beach for fun. I am no longer with SSAR, I am with another team in Fort Myers. Randy is hanging in there and I have a Golden who he plays with at home when the other two are working. All 4 swim daily for hours and are extremely fit. It's fun to watch them try to out smart each other. Jetta always wins she is Alpha, she is also up to 40 lbs, Saber is 55lbs, Randy is 42lbs, Randy is so handsome his eyes make me melt. The Golden was a rescue from Naples and weighed 120lbs when I got him, he now weighs 76lbs thanks to the Borders herding him around, sometimes they keep him in a corner, mostly Saber, wont let him out of it. It is romper room here daily and I would not want it any other way, love my BC's thank you

Hope all is well with you,

I had a couple of new photos of Bailey, and he is just sooo beautiful I had to send them to you, the other proud Mom! He really is an exquisite animal, and he is so precious to us.

His latest love is going out on the boat! He is an avid swimmer, and is always so well mannered around other people, everyone just adores him! Hope you are doing well, would love to see some young BC's some time if you have a litter due!

Take Care!

Nickie, Kyle, and Bailey Struthers

Peabody is a lovely dog. From the first day we brought him home until today, he has been one of the smartest, kindest dogs we’ve ever had. Don’t even get us started on how beautiful he is.

Thanks to Call Me Farms for the chance to bring such a wonderful dog into our family. The quality breeding shines through.


We were just think of you and saying that we needed to send you pictures of Sadie. She is such a wonderful dog. We just love her to death. Yes she is spoiled. She is so loving and we are just so happy to have her. How is Marilyn doing? Can you send some pictures of her? We will continue to send you pictures of Sadie as she gets older. She's 45 lbs. now, but very sleek looking. She takes a 2-3 mile walk almost every night around our neighborhood. She also has a big yard where she plays with all of her outdoor toys. Here are some pictures...enjoy!

George and Lori

Buck is doing wonderful - we love him! He and Kiva are getting along fine. He is eating well, playing with lots of toys, and has really settled into the family. We took him on his first boat ride last weekend. He wasn't quite sure what to make of it at first but was soon moving around the boat and looking at the water just like Kiva. When we got to the sandbar, Kiva went in to swim and he jumped in right after her! He really enjoyed himself playing around in the water. We will be starting a basic group obedience class with him next week, and will see if he has any interest in agility.

He is a great dog! We will send more pictures and updates later.

Thanks again,

Cale and Karole Ferguson