Our Champions
Australian Cattle Dogs
WWK/AKC CH Call Me Just On Walkabout
AKC CH Holy Smoke Of Call Me
AKC CH Kiss Me Kate Of Call Me
AKC CH Call Me Kiss On The Lips
AKC CH Call Me Justa Quick Kiss In the Park HIC
AKC CH Call Me Justa Walk In The Park CGC
AKC CH Call Me Off To Battle Cattle HIC
AKC CH Call Me When You Get There HIC CGC
AKC CH Call Me High Wide N Handsome
AKC CH Call Me Anydaybut Wednesday
AKC CH Call Me Fire In The Hole
AKC CH Call Me My Bling Bling
UKC/AKC CH Call Me Fairbairn Rite As Rain
AKC CH Bonza's I'm In Town Call Me
      D' Keys R N D' Ignition
AKC CH Call Me Ready To Ignite HIC
AKC CH Call Me Caught Kiss N The Deacon
AKC CH Call The Hit Man
      Just Charm N Charolais
AKC CH Call Me Tuesday Twist & Shout HIC CGC
AOM AKC CH Call Me Mustang N Sally
AKC CH Kiss Me Amber Red Runner
UKC CH Call Me I Hear Liquors Quicker
AKC CH Call Me Rednsteds Lucky Lyndy
UKC/AKC Call Me Doing Fine On Cloud Nine
AKC CH Hobnoch So Call Me
AKC CH Hobnoch All Jact Up
UKC CH Hobnoch Call Me Grace
UKC CH Call Me Justa Walk On D' Wild Side
AKC CH Call Me Plain Raise N Cain Jane
AKC CH Call Me Timbers Sweet Noosa Dream
INT/AKC CH Call Me Hit The Mark
AKC CH Call Me Stormryder In Red
AKC CH Misfits Signature Event
AKC CH MisFit's Caught Ya Lookin
AKC CH Misfits Standing Ovation
AKC CH Briarcreeks Taken All Bets
AKC CH Call Me Wiggley Down Under CD
AKC CH Briarcreeks That'll Do Zeek
AKC CH R-Bars Call Me Katydid
AKC CH Call Me By The Coolabah Tree
AKC CH Briarcreeks Maximum Attitude
CKC CH Call Me One Smoke "N" Hangover
AOM AKC CH Call Me Katy Bar The Door
AKC CH Call Me Justa Real Havana
AKC CH Call Me Work N Some Magic
INT CH Call Me Cal Cut 'Em From The Herd
Border Collies
AOE AKC CH Call Me Bring Down Thunder
AKC CHCall Me "I'll Do It My Way"
AKC CH Call Me Chairman Of The Board
AKC CH Call Me Two Oaks Go For Broke
AKC CH Call Me One Pound Sterling
      Two Oaks Go For Broke CGC
Rat Terriers
UKC CH Call Me Bond James Bond
UKC GRCH Call Me Desotos Lightning Joe
UKC AOM GRCH Call Me Desotos
      Touch Of Angels
UKC CH Call Me Sweet As Confection
UKC CH Whisperwinds Full Metal Jacket
UKC CH Call Me Desotos Sue
UKC CH Call Me Its All Gravey RN
UKC CH Call Me Greased Lightning
Performance Titles
Australian Cattle Dogs
Angels Pack N A Kiss To Go CDX
Call Me A Kiss Of Class CDX
Call Me A Work N Class Rebel CDX
Border Collies
Call Me Timothy CD,CDX
Call Me Free Spirt Of 04 UD
Rat Terriers
UKC CH Call Me Its All Gravey RN